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The Tools

Each tool listed here is offered in an attempt to give our Gospel Communities the resources they need to thrive. Each group will use different tools at different times and in different ways. We encourage you to be prayerfully creative in using these tools to meet the specific needs of your group.

If you have any questions about any of these tools or how they can be used, contact Pastor Mark.


The Sending Space Podcast

  • Access the podcast here.

  • Podcast episodes are roughly 30 minutes long and contain a discussion about some aspect of what it means to live as a Gospel Community.

  • These are great for Gospel Community Leaders, but also for anyone involved in or interested in Gospel Community.

  • New episodes are released monthly. Subscribe to stay up to date.


The Story of God

  • Access/download the material here.

  • This is an excellent resource from Jeff Vanderstelt/Soma/The Storyformed Way.

  • The Story of God is a 10 week study that walks through the biblical storyline with an eye for understanding what God is doing in the world. It's a wonderful approach to introducing people to Jesus.

  • This works well in a small group setting or in one on one meetings. If the group gets too large (perhaps larger than 12?), the discussion can become a little less personal.

  • Simply download the material, then week by week you will together read a summary of a given section of the biblical storyline and discuss the questions provided about the implications of the story for our lives today. It's simple and profound.



  • Download the material here.

  • Follow is a 6 week study on what it means to follow Jesus. It covers the basics of the faith and challenges participants to evaluate their hearts and lives as they encounter Jesus.

  • This is ideal for one on one or two on two meetings, but it can be done in small group settings as well.

  • The key with Follow is that once someone has gone through the study, they are then ready to lead someone else through.

  • Follow is a requirement for membership at Creekside, so whenever you finish leading someone through the material, please let Bekah know.



  • Download the material here.

  • Multiply is a 6 week study on what it looks like to pursue Jesus' mission of making disciples. This is the perfect study for those who want to grow in living according to that mission.

  • This is ideal for small group settings, but it can be done in one on one or two on two meetings as well.



  • You can download a free pdf of the material, or order a professionally bound copy.

  • Twelve is a group study that follows the life, teaching, and works of Jesus. It takes roughly one year to finish (with weekly meetings).

  • The goal of Twelve is to foster discipleship amongst small groups through sitting at the feet of Jesus over the course of a year.


  • Download the pdf here.

  • This is a fairly simple and self explanatory tool designed for the women of Creekside.

  • Each session provides a reading guide through Romans and can be used in conjunction with corresponding podcast teachings from our Nurture gatherings.

  • These Nurture packets are designed to run for two semesters Sept-Nov and Jan-April but can be joined/used anytime.

Sermon Discussion Guides

  • Access the sermon guides here.

  • Each week, some of our Gospel Community leaders create discussion guides for that week’s sermon to facilitate discussion for their sacred space Bible studies. We’re sharing them here so you can utilize them as well.


  • Download the material here.

  • Shepherd is a 6 week study that explores what it means to shepherd other people. It's not just for pastors—any leader in the body of Christ functions as a shepherd to the people around him or her. This study is helpful for aspiring leaders in your Gospel Communities.

  • This is ideal for one on one or two on two meetings, but it can be done in small group settings as well.


Gospel Community Training Manual

  • Access it here.

  • This is a resource designed to help new groups understand the core concepts of Gospel Community, identify their mission field, and establish a structure and rhythms that will help them pursue that mission.

  • The Training Manual is an excellent way to train up potential Gospel Community leaders that are rising up within your groups.

  • While it's not designed for existing groups necessarily, this would be a helpful resource to visit every now and then to get your group on target.