On staff since 2007 // rmacdiarmid@creeksideonline.com

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Where were you born? La Jolla, Calif.

Spouse or kids? I have an amazing wife (Katie) and five rambunctious children (Macy, Carter, Jude, Cooper and Jackson).

Favorite food? Chocolate chip cookies. I will eat them until I explode.

Why Ministry? Because God asked.

Most mysterious thing about God? His timing.

Last book you didn't finish? The Mission of God by Christopher JH Wright. But I need a little grace; the book is 600 pages long.

Favorite attribute of God? Grace.

Where did you go to school? Oakmont High, Cal Poly SLO, Talbot Seminary

Passions? I get passionate about every new thing I try. My wife hates this about me. This month it is road biking, graphic design, furniture restoration, & drums. Last month it was throwing knives, piano, and landscape architecture. Next month...you have any suggestions?






On staff since 2016 // mbeuving@creeksideonline.com

Where were you born? Ukiah, CA.

Spouse or kids? Laura and I have been married since 2005, and we have two fun-loving girls (Abigail and Claire).

Why Ministry? God has given me a passion for helping people know and enjoy God.

Most mysterious thing about God? His ability to make something indisputably good and beautiful out of people, things, and situations that are broken, bleak, and hopeless.

Last book you didn't finish? Catch 22 by Joseph Heller. I just wasn't getting into it.

Favorite attribute of God? Creativity.

Where did you go to school? Cal Poly SLO, The Master's Seminary

Passions? I love reading, writing, teaching, music, movies, and lots of other things. I love doing anything with my family. 







On staff since 2005  //  lmcdonald@creeksideonline.com

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Where were you born? Just outside Chicago, Ill.

Spouse and kids? I have been married for 17 years and have two energetic kids who talk almost as much as me and are nearly as wonderful as their father. We are glad to be in the happy valley between diapers and dating.

Favorite food? Sleep.

Why ministry? Because God uses fools to confound the wise, otherwise I would not have made the team. Also, God has infused into my DNA a desire to see children grow up into worshipers and followers of Christ, who has ransomed His very life to call us friends.

Most mysterious thing about God? Why He uses fools at all.

Last book you didn't finish? I always finish the books I start. Compulsively, at times without food or sleep. I only dare to start a couple a year.

Favorite attribute of God? Depends on the day, so it must be His ability to be all that I need just when I need it.

Where did you go to school? Libertyville High, University of Missouri School of Journalism.

Hidden talents? Wii boxing, painting teeny-tiny toenails pink and delegating. I also speak toddler.

Last vacation? The Bahamas. I figure we need to enjoy the soft, white, sandy beaches and warm water teeming with fish while we can; rumor has it there may not be an ocean in Heaven. Still, family fun must be a taste of Heaven!

Passions? For Truth lived out in the power of the Spirit, excellence in all things and family. And good design (after all, I'm married to an uber-talented graphic designer).


Jackson arnett

Youth Director


On staff since 2018  // jarnett@creeksideonline.com

Where were you born? Lancaster, CA 

Spouse or kids? Sky as of March 24th, 2018

Favorite food? Trolli Eggs

Why Ministry? It is legitimately all I have ever known and my primary passion.

Most mysterious thing about God? His simplicity towards us in the midst of his complexity.

Last book you finished?  Legitimately most every book I have ever attempted to read.

Favorite attribute of God? Simplicity

Where did you go to school? William Jessup University 

Passions? Sports, LeBron James, good music, and knowing people.


Katie macdiarmid

Women's Director


On staff since 2017  // kmacdiarmid@creeksideonline.com

Where were you born? Danville, Ca

Spouse and kids? I've been married to Ryan for 15 years. We have 5 kids who are the main source of my refinement and a daily reminder that His grace alone is sufficient for me! 

Favorite food? I like Lisa's answer. Sleep.

Why ministry? Because someone once told me that whatever I do where I feel God's presence and nearness blanket over me in a unmistakeable way... that's what I should do with my life. So if my job can be to talk and teach and lead people in the most important discussions and decisions of their lives.. I say "yes, please!"

Most mysterious thing about God? That He can't be tapped. Though He never changes, our relationship and understanding of Him grows and changes every day. Though He is knowable, we will never reach the depths of which He can be known (this side of Heaven). Just when we think we have Him figured out, He will peel back a whole new layer. Frustrating... and wonderfully mysterious!

Hidden Talents? Softball. Still miss it.

Last book you didn't finish? All the parenting books in the whole wide world. 

Favorite attribute of God? His redemption. 

Where did you go to school? San Ramon Valley High School. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Passions? Seeing broken hearts bound up, seeing captive hearts set free. Whether it's through writing, teaching, or a cup of coffee. I also LOVE when I come across a genuinely artistic expression of God's Truth: symbolism in books, movies, poetry, picture, story. When it's good, I get all amped up and could gush about it all day long. I'm sure this annoys many of the literal, left-brainers in my life.


Brett Miller

Worship Director


On staff since 2017  // bmiller@creeksideonline.com

Where were you born? L.A. 

Spouse or kids? My amazing and beautiful wife Jessica. My courageous and adorable 2 year old Briar. 

Favorite food? Anything quality. My wife and I love a great dining experience.

Why Ministry? Ministry is a call that is hard to ignore. Honestly, I just love Jesus, I'm unbelievably moved by the gospel and I love watching people come alive through both of those things. 

Most mysterious thing about God? To me, the fact that against all creation He breathed life into us. 

Last book you finished?  The Divine Dance by Richard Rohr 

Favorite attribute of God? Beauty

Where did you go to school? Butte College, UP School of Worship 

Last Vacation? Not technically a vacation... but we made it up to see the total solar eclipse in Oregon. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. 

Passions? Making music, writing, coffee, movies, anything outdoors and I also make leather goods as a hobby when time permits.