03 Intentional Living: Public Space (Basics of Gospel Community)

Read & Reflect: Genesis 12:1–3, John 17:6–19



Where do you see your love being out of balance? (Which of the three circles on the Integrating Love circle do you struggle to incorporate?)

Based on what Jesus said in John 17, what does it mean that he was “sent into the world” (v. 18)? What does it mean that we are “sent into the world” just as Jesus was? What are the implications of this?

*How can you begin to build some margin into your life so that you have time to start building relationships with people currently outside of your sphere of influence?

*Where does your life already come into contact with people who don’t know Jesus? (E.g., sports, school, work, recreation, hobbies, neighborhood.) How can you be more intentional when you’re in these settings so as to begin relationships?

Who specifically are you praying for in this public space sphere?


Fill in question 7 on your Mission Vision. Update question 1 if necessary.

Mark Beuving
02 Family on Mission (Basics of Gospel Community)

Read & Reflect: Acts 2:42–47, Acts 4:32–35, 1 Peter 4:8­–10

Discuss with your Team

What are some of the most meaningful experiences with community you’ve had? What made these experiences so powerful? 

*What would it look like to establish true community within your group? What potential pitfalls do you want to avoid?

What small but significant lifestyle adjustments do you need to make in order to enable true community within your group and the people you’re inviting in?

*It’s all too easy for church groups to become inward focused, to be a family without a mission. How will you keep the mission central to the community you’re forming?

*What other believers do you know that you’d like to invite to be part of living as a family on a mission?


Fill in questions 4–6 on your Mission Vision Worksheet

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01 The Gospel in Real Life (Basics of Gospel Community)

READ & REFLECT: Luke 4:16–22, Ephesians 2, 1 Corinthians 15:1–10

What news is being communicated in Luke 4:16–22, Ephesians 2, and 1 Corinthians 15:1–10? What makes that news good?

How has Jesus been good news in your life? (Don’t think of this in cliché religious terms. In your actual real life, how has Jesus been good news to you?)

*Who in your life right now needs good news? What good news are they needing? How is that good news found in Jesus?

*How do you envision your group embodying good news to the people around you? (Think in terms of “gospel fluency”: how might it flow effortlessly through your conversations, your interactions, and every other aspect of your life together?)

Fill in questions 1–3 on your Mission Vision Worksheet

Creekside Church
Practical Meal Tips for Large Gatherings

Food is important for missional living. Seriously. It's not that you can't pursue God's mission without eating with someone, but the concept of sharing a meal shares so much with the concept of reaching out to another person. We all eat 21 meals each week. We could share a handful of those meals with anyone. Sitting down for a meal is a great way to share the goodness of life and the details of your specific lives with another person. It's a celebratory act that puts us face to face with other people in a level environment. 

And as we gather with our church family and with our friends and neighbors, food can serve the same purpose in that larger setting. In our social gatherings, we're starting with meal and inviting people to be blessed by the food itself and by the shared interactions we experience during that meal.

But sharing a meal in these settings means preparing a whole lot of food. And the world of large-meal-preparation is likely unfamiliar to you. So our own Christina Walton, who has years and years of experience in hosting meals for small (and not so small) group gatherings, has created a site where she shares recipes, ideas, and tips for hosting large gatherings over a meal. If you find yourself hosting such a gathering, you'll probably want to check this site:

Access Christina's helpful meal tips for large gatherings here.

Mark Beuving