10 Gospel Community Core Team Training #4 (Oct 1, 2017)

This week we’re giving you the fourth and final week of our Gospel Community Core Team training. We covered a few different concepts in this week’s training. This brought our training for our Core Teams to a close—at least in terms of in-person meetings on a large scale, and we left that training to go start our Gospel Communities. From here, the bulk of our training takes place on this Sending Space blog.

To begin our training, Christina Walton talked about the practical side of hosting larger groups. Christina and her husband Drew have been hosting small groups at Creekside for years, so she shares a lot of tips that she’s gleaned over the years from making people feel at home in larger gatherings. After that, Ryan MacDiarmid talked about the concept of “liminality” and communitas, which he borrows from Alan Hirsch. And finally, Sarah Finn, who did her Master’s degree in anthropology, shared the concept of “othering,” which is a process by which we differentiate people from ourselves and draw boundaries as we attempt to identify our selves.

With this training session, we closed out our training for Creekside’s launch of our Gospel Communities. This was actually a very significant night for Creekside Church, because with this final training meeting, all of the planning and strategizing and training came to its climax, and we entered a new phase where these once-theoretical groups now became reality. Guaranteed, these communities will experience problems. The reality of a thing never looks identical to the theory that gave rise to it. But our prayer is that our Leaders and our Core Teams now have enough training to navigate the problems that will arise and to make wise decisions for the direction their groups will take; making these decisions in light of the mission.

Mark Beuving