04 Gospel Community Leader Training #2 (Aug 13, 2017)


The recording linked in this post is from our second training night for our Gospel Community Leaders. For those of you who could use some context, these are the training meetings that Creekside Church is using to bring our leaders up to speed on our Gospel Communities. We are working through a shift from a more traditional small group model—which we have called Life Groups, and before that Growth Groups—to a missional model, where it’s less about huddling together and more about working side by side to pursue the mission that God has given us in our neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, and anywhere else that God places us. So these meetings are meant to retrain our leaders away from an inside-of-the-box approach to small groups and toward developing missional living and outreach in our community.

In this meeting, Pastor Ryan talks about three more core values: (1) adopting a celebratory mood, (2) seeing every disciple become a disciple maker, and (3) the concept of incarnational ministry, where we don’t wait for people to come to us, and instead we go to them and embody the love of Jesus in that context.

Ryan also explores our first two "rhythms" from our BLESS acronym: Bless (blessing the people around us) and Listen (listening to the voice of the Spirit and to the people God has placed in our lives). 

Mark Beuving