05 Gospel Community Leader Training #3 (Aug 20, 2017)


This is the recording of our third training event with the leaders of our Gospel Communities.

At this point, we have our leaders thinking and praying through who they’re going to recruit for their core team. We’re also encouraging our leaders to think through how they’re going to shape their meetings together. In many ways, what their meetings look like will flow out of who they recruit to be part of their core team, since these teams set the tone for how the group functions and feels.

In this training audio, you’ll hear us referring to the core teams and to the culture of the meetings. The training meeting progressed in three parts. First, you’ll hear me sharing two more core values for these groups. Specifically, I explain the concept that it’s okay not to be okay, and also that no one can do this alone. After that, you’ll hear Daniel Lowndes share the concept of APEST, which is an acronym taken from Alan Hirsch  and Mike Breen that describes the makeup of God’s church. The acronym is for Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds, and Teachers, which is all pulled out of Ephesians 4. And then after Daniel, you’ll hear Katie MacDiarmid getting into something of the practical logistics of shaping a gathering. Katie explains the importance of both structure and flexibility.

As you listen, you’ll hear us drilling down into more specific and more practical aspects of what our Gospel Communities will look like

Mark Beuving