06 Gospel Community Leader Training #4 (Aug 27, 2017)


Above is a recording of our fourth training event with the leaders of our Gospel Communities.

In this training audio, you’ll hear three separate sections. First Ryan MacDiarmid will share a few more values that we want to shape our community gatherings.

First, the importance of not hiding Jesus, or to put it positively, making sure that Jesus is a big enough part of our lives that he naturally comes into our conversations. We’re not trying to turn Jesus into a sales pitch, but if he is affecting our lives, then that should come out before too long in any conversation we have.

The second value is that we need to be willing to try something different. We have a tendency to get stuck in the way we do things, but if we want to see something happen in our church that is different from what we’ve experienced before, we’re going to have to try something new.

Third, there’s always room. Our communities are never closed, even if we have to plant new groups to make room.

And the fourth value is that we need to insist on multiplying. We can’t be satisfied with keeping our groups static. So a value from the very beginning is that these groups will grow and plant new groups as time goes on.

After Ryan, you’ll hear from one of our elders, Drew Walton, as he talks about small group culture. And then at the end, Ryan comes back to explain some more details on the three “spaces” we’re using to shape our interactions and on the overall structure of our Gospel Communities.

Mark Beuving