08 Gospel Community Core Team Training #2 (Sep 17, 2017)

In this post you'll find the audio from our most recent training event. This was now our second training event for our Gospel Community Core Teams at Creekside. Our goal in training our Core Teams prior to launching our groups is to make sure we’re all on the same page, and to ensure that the culture of these groups is shaped around the mission. It’s one thing to go to an existing church small group and say, “Make sure you’re reaching out to people around you.” But without shifting the culture, that group will most likely stay pretty close to the way things have always been. So we’re doing intentional, prolonged training to ensure that we all develop the same heart, that we’re all moving in the same direction, and the culture that takes shape as we meet together and invite others in fits our overall goal.

In this recording, you’ll hear Ryan MacDiarmid talking about the “Gospel” in the Gospel Communities. He’ll explain why we chose that name and what it means for the Gospel to permeate these communities. He’ll also cast a vision for what it means to be “successful” in a Gospel Community.

Mark Beuving