04 The Table: Social Space (Basics of Gospel Community)

Read & Reflect: Luke 14:15–24, Luke 19:1–10


Which relationships in your life are ready for the next level of invitation? What should that invitation be? (To a lunch or coffee with you? With you and a few members of your group? To a Gospel Community Gathering?)

How are you making yourself available to the people around you so as to deepen the relationships you have?

*How will you structure your group’s social space gatherings so that you have space to invite people into belonging?

In addition to your group’s gatherings, what space(s) do you have or need to create to give you space to invite people into belonging?

*Do you anticipate feeling self­–conscious about bringing certain people into your gatherings? Why? How might you need to adjust your social space gatherings (perhaps moving some elements to your sacred space gatherings) so that it becomes a place where all kinds of people can belong?

Who specifically are you praying for in the social space sphere?

Fill in questions 8 and 9 on your Mission Vision. Update question 1 if necessary.

Mark Beuving