05 Discipleship: Sacred Space (Basics of Gospel Community)

Read & Reflect: 2 Timothy 2:1–2, Matthew 28:18–20, James 1:22–25, Hebrews 10:23–25



*Who is in your life right now that is probably ready to go deeper? What would it look like to invest in these people on a more intimate scale?

Based on what you see Jesus doing with his disciples in the Gospels and on the passages you read for this session, what should discipleship focus on?

How might you create an intimate sacred space gathering that actually moves toward this goal?

What would it look like to develop an apprenticeship approach to discipleship as opposed to a lecture approach?

Who have you invested in through sacred space that is probably ready to be challenged to step into a discipling and/or leadership role?

Who specifically are you praying for in the sacred space sphere?

Fill in question 10 on your Mission Vision. Update question 1 if necessary.

Mark Beuving