Creekside Gospel Communities are the primary way that we connect with each other for the sake of reaching out to the people God has placed in our lives. In Gospel Communities, we are gathered together with other Christians who are committed to the mission of God. We get to know each other. We love and serve each other. We pray together and meet each other’s needs and provide the mutual support and partnership that is inherent in God’s design for the church.

But the overriding purpose of Gospel Communities is the mission. We don’t gather so that we can be happier, more fulfilled, or more comfortable (though these are common byproducts). We gather for the sake of those outside our church. Gospel Communities come with standing invitations. We share our lives around a table, but there are always empty seats at the table. And it’s up to us to provide the invitations that will fill those seats.



We have Communities meeting all over Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, and Loomis, so you can choose your group one of two ways:

  • Choose a group that meets nearby
  • Or, select a leader you already know

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